Timesheet Groups

Timesheet groups allow you to logically group people and assign these groups to approvers or reviewers.
Approvers can see a tab with his groups on this Timesheets page



You create timesheet groups by navigating to Administration, then Labor, and last the Timesheet Groups tab. Click on Create new group, enter a group name, display name, and description then click save.

To add employees to a group, click on the 'Membership' option next to the group you want to add to. Click 'New' then select an individual employee or a group from the list. Click save. 

Next you need to assign this timesheet group to people. Assignments will allow these people to view the group in the timesheets module. Click on 'Asiggne(s) next to the group and then new. Select an individual employee or a group from the list and click save. 

Employees who are assigned to view timesheet groups will be able to do so by clicking on the 'All groups' tab in timesheets. Any groups they are assigned to will be displayed from them to choose timesheets for.mceclip1.png

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