Expense Types

You can create expense types that can be selected by employees on their timesheet. 

Navigate to Administration, then Labor, then click on the Expense Types tab. Click new to create a new expense type. 


First name your expense type and enter a description. An expense type can be anything that an employee can expense to the company such as supplies, equipment, miles/gas, airfare, travel, food, or hotel. 

Check the 'this expense is taxable' if the expense is subject to taxation. 

Check the 'Employee has to attach supporting documentation' if an employee is required to attach a receipt or itemized statement of the expense.

If there is a certain amount in which employees are allowed to deduct workplace expenses then enter the amount in the 'Documentation threshold'. For example, if an employee can only enter travel expenses that totaled more than 20 dollars enter 20 for the threshold.

To allow this expense type to appear on the timesheet check 'This expense type is enabled' 

Once you've saved your expense types, you need to make sure that you enable expenses on the timesheet templates that will allow expense reporting. 

With all of the settings above complete, an employee will have the option to add expenses once they create a time entry. 





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