How do I get notified when someone applies for a job?

You can configure Workuments to send you and other users e-mail alerts when someone applies for a job.

There are two ways to do it:

Option A - Add individual users to the notification list for individual requisitions. Use this method if you have very few requisitions and very few users. 

1. Go to the Recruitment module

2. Click the Requisitions tab

3. Select a requisition

4. Click on a Notification Options tab

5. Hit New to add a new employee to the notification list.  You may also add an outside e-mail address by typing it in instead of selecting an employee.

IMPORTANT: In order to receive notifications, employees must have e-mail addresses on file.


Option B - Combine users into groups and then add groups to the notification list. This is a good idea if you have a lot of requisitions or a lot of users.

1. Go to the Administration module.

2. Click on Settings.

3. Select the Groups tab

4. Create a new group or choose an existing one.

5. Click Membership

6. Add members to the group

7. Once you've added all users to groups, go to the Recruitment module and follow Option A instructions above to add groups to the notification list the same way you add users.


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