How do I schedule an interview with a candidate?

To record a scheduled interview with a candidate, please follow the steps below:

1. Select a candidate you want to schedule an interview for.

2. Select the Interviews tab on the left.

3. Hit the New Interview button.

4. Enter date and time for an interview. Make sure to select the interview type from the drop down box. Leave the interview status as Scheduled. Enter any comments, if applicable. Hit Save.

5. If you would like to specify who will interview this candidate, hit Interviewers. Hit New to add a new interviewer. You may enter as many interviewers as you want. Hit Go Back when finished.

6. Now that you've recorded the interview in Workuments, you can save this interview on your calendar and invite any interviewers. To do that, just click the "Add to calendar / invite" button. The system will open this calendar item in your e-mail client.

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